JAC Motors trucks, a popular choice across different industries

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3 January 2022
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JAC Motors trucks, a popular choice across different industries

  • Versatile product range to suit broad transport and logistics sectors
  • Excellent performance, fuel-efficient, reliable, and low operating cost
  • New EV battery-electric truck, the future of urban transport
  • Extensive dealer network with dependable parts supply and service infrastructure

JAC Motors started in 1964 as a truck manufacturer and only in the early 2000s diversified into passenger car and light commercial vehicle production. The company has also been manufacturing battery-electric trucks since 2014, with years of research and development preceding the introduction of its first electric truck.

Over the last decade, JAC Motors has refined the design and engineering of its popular range of trucks to ensure excellent performance, reliability and low operating cost. A trademark of the truck range is its excellent fuel economy across the range.

“Our high-quality product line-up is affordable, safe and reliable. With our extensive network of 60 dealers in South Africa, Namibia and Eswatini, we provide our customers with quick, effective and convenient parts and service support,” says Karl-Heinz Göbel, Chief Executive Officer of JAC Motors South Africa.

JAC 3-tonne truck

The 3-tonne, the star performer of the local line-up, is the entry into JAC Motors’ truck stable. More than three million have been sold globally. It is popular with urban transport and logistics operators because of its manoeuvrability, reliability, excellent fuel consumption and low running cost.

The 3-tonne supports a reliable 2.8-litre common-rail four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine developing 80 kW at 3 600 r/min and 240 Nm of torque between 1 800 and 2 000 r/min. The powerful Euro 2 engine is paired with an easy-shifting five-speed manual transmission. It also features an exhaust brake system for maximum braking efficiency.

Its powertrain design ensures that peak torque is delivered at low rpm, reducing the need for frequent gear shifting, which results in better fuel consumption. Its average combined-cycle fuel consumption is 10 ℓ/100 km.

The short wheelbase design of the 3-tonne and the maximum use of axle capacities for ideal payload weight distribution ensure optimal manoeuvrability in heavy inner-city traffic and small construction sites. It supports a wheelbase of 3 360 mm with 190 mm ground clearance. Its turning radius is only seven metres.

The 3-tonne truck benefits from the new heavy-duty ladder-frame chassis stamping and welding treatment process, making it robust for many body applications.

Its overall dimensions are 5 995 mm x 1 900 mm x 2 330 mm. It offers a payload of 3 040 kg and a large load area measuring 4 230 mm x 1 790 mm x 400 mm. The ultra-flat low deck offers excellent clearance, making loading and offloading easy.

“Our fuel-efficient 3-tonne truck offers the best value for money in its segment. It reflects the product values of quality, reliability, functionality and low operating costs,” says Göbel.

JAC 6-tonne truck

The 6-tonne truck remains a popular choice in the highly competitive MCV market, mainly because of its durability, versatility and low running cost. It appeals to a broad customer base in the transport and logistic sectors across many different industries.

Part of the 6-tonne truck’s appeal is its powerful Euro 3 Cummins ISF 3.8-litre common-rail four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a maximum power output of 115 kW at 2 600 r/min and 500 Nm of peak torque between 1 200 and 1 900 rpm. This allows for low engine speeds at cruising rpm, reducing fuel consumption. Its average combined-cycle fuel consumption is 9.5 ℓ/100 km.

The proven powerplant is linked to a synchromesh six-speed manual transmission with a hydraulic assisted Single Dry Plate clutch. It also features an exhaust brake system for maximum braking efficiency.

The 6-tonne truck’s short wheelbase design and the maximum use of axle capacities for ideal payload weight distribution ensure that the driver, passengers and cargo will be safe on the road, no matter the conditions.

Its overall dimensions are 7 033 mm x 2 200 mm x 2 410 mm. It supports a wheelbase of 3 845 mm with 190 mm ground clearance. Its turning radius is an impressive 7.1 metres. The 6-tonne C/C derivative offers a payload of 5 200 kg and a large load area measuring 5 153 mm x 2 200 mm.

“The versatility and low running cost of our reliable 6-tonne truck are two of its main selling points. As a result, it is used for many different types of transport operations including companies in the agriculture-, courier- and construction industries,” explains Göbel.

EV battery-electric truck

JAC Motors has manufactured battery-electric trucks since 2014. Today, the company’s range of electric truck platforms operates across the globe, ranging from 2.5 to 12 tonnes, offering flexible weight and wheelbase options to suit particular tasks on the same vehicle frame.

A liquid-cooled 96.77 kWh LFP battery powers the EV. It reaches 200 km per charge and can scale up to 16.7 degrees with a load of 2.5-tonnes. When standard European CCS2-Combo connections are used, the battery recharges to 80 per cent capacity in one-and-a-half hours and 100 per cent in two hours. Compared to conventional diesel engine trucks, the EV achieves a 50 per cent lower fuel/energy cost and a 30 per cent lower maintenance cost.

An Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) assists the driver in emergency braking situations, offering additional safety to occupants and keeping the load intact. The automatic transmission provides an effortless driving experience, and because of its electric powertrain features regenerative braking and an economical driving mode.

JAC Motors’ state-of-the-art fault diagnostic and vehicle monitoring and control systems are standard fitment, ensuring that the truck’s health always surpasses the expectation levels of transport operators.

“Our EV 2.5-tonne has a proven track record in the markets where it has been sold since 2019 and has demonstrated its capability to meet the diverse operational requirements of transport operators. It is reliable, comfortable and safe, and guarantees a substantial reduction in operating cost, making it the perfect choice for modern-day logistic companies,” says Göbel.

Durable chassis and cab design

JAC truck supports JAC Motors’ new heavy-duty ladder-frame chassis stamping and welding treatment process, making it robust for various body applications. The front suspension features semi-elliptical multi-leaf springs and semi-elliptical leaf springs with auxiliary springs, do duty at the rear.

“The solid chassis and frame, with the axles optimally graded to effectively carry its permissible weight in the front and back, ensures sufficient carrying capacity for the general transport and logistics environment,” says Göbel.

The spacious, ergonomically designed cabs provide generous space for the driver and two passengers. Occupant safety and comfort is a priority for JAC Motors, ensuring the inclusion of standard features such as air-conditioning and a radio with a USB port.

The 3-tonne and EV trucks boast electric windows and a height-adjustable steering wheel. The EV truck also features a pedestrian warning system to keep the occupants, cargo and people using urban roads safe. In addition, it features JAC Motors’ latest vehicle connectivity system with an 8-inch touchscreen display including Bluetooth, navigation and online music.

“In our experience, customers in this segment of the market seek trucks that are functional and reliable but also affordable to run and maintain. Trucks also need to offer comfortable and well-equipped cabins, must be fuel-efficient and easy to operate,” concludes Göbel.

Product line-up and pricing

JAC Motors’ strategically placed dealerships and service centres across South Africa and neighbouring countries ensure that customers’ vehicles are maintained and serviced to exacting standards to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Service dealers are fully equipped, with highly trained technicians on hand for complete servicing and repairs in a timeous and satisfactory manner.

The product line-up and pricing (VAT excl.):

3-tonne C/C (ABS & A/C) R291 218

3-tonne D/S (ABS & A/C) R304 261

6-tonne C/C (ABS & A/C) R452 087

6-tonne D/C (ABS & A/C) R469 479

EV 3.5-tonne C/C (ABS & A/C) POR

Additional peace of mind includes a five-year/150 000-kilometre warranty and a five-year/60 000-kilometre service plan for the 3-tonne truck and a two-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty for the 6-tonne truck.

For more information about specification levels, visit www.jacmotors.co.za 


About Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corporation Ltd. (JAC Motors)

JAC Motors may be a relative newcomer to the South African market; however, it has been a giant in the Chinese auto industry for more than 58 years. The company’s marketing network covers more than 130 countries worldwide, including 28 African countries. The company produces passenger cars, pick-ups and trucks for left- and right-hand drive markets. Its pick-ups ranked third on the Chinese auto industry’s export list for 2020 and have boosted the Brand’s growth and global competitiveness. JAC Motors is a prolific producer of electric vehicles. By the end of 2020, the company maintained a leading position in the actual usage of private electric vehicles, promoting the application of more than 170 000 units of new-energy vehicles, with a cumulative mileage of 3.8 billion kilometres. In 2020 Volkswagen AG acquired an additional 25% stake in its Chinese electric vehicle joint venture with JAC Motors. The original joint venture was established in 2017 with Volkswagen and JAC Motors, each holding 50% equity. The joint venture will become central to the two brands’ electric vehicle programmes in China.


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